Three Tips for Setting Up a Hygienic and Safe Construction Site

It is absolutely essential for construction site owners to ensure that they provide their employees with a hygienic and safe work environment. Here are three ways to do this.

Hire enough portaloos and clean them regularly

Before contacting a portaloo hire company to rent portable toilets, construction site owners should first check how many workers they have employed for their project, as this will enable them to rent the right number of portaloos.

Ideally, there should be at least one toilet for every ten people present on the building site. Having an adequate number of portaloos will prevent the toilets from being overused to the point where they become unsanitary.

Additionally, the portaloos should be inspected and cleaned on a daily basis. Disinfecting them regularly will help to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and reduce the likelihood of workers becoming ill.

Provide adequate hand-washing facilities

Adequate hand-washing facilities are important in any work environment; however, it is particularly critical for those who run construction projects to ensure that their workers have clean and easy-to-access facilities where they can remove contaminants from their hands.

This is because people who work on building sites regularly come into contact not only with dirt and dust but also with solvents, paint, silica (a toxic substance found in plaster) and even asbestos.

As such, if there aren't facilities in which they can clean their hands or if the facilities are not within easy reach of their work area, there is a risk that they may end up being poisoned when they later use their unwashed hands to eat their lunch or smoke a cigarette.

As such, site owners should make sure that there are multiple hand-washing stations around their building site and that the soap containers and hand towels at these stations are refilled on a daily basis.

Provide protective clothing

As mentioned above, construction workers often have to handle and spend time around potentially harmful substances.

Whilst providing them with facilities which allow them to remove these substances from their hands is important, it is also crucial for site owners to give their employees protective clothing that will limit the amount of harmful substances that these people end up coming into contact with in the first place.

The provision of protective overalls, thick, long-sleeved rubber gloves and face shields will reduce the amount of, for example, silica dust that ends up landing on a worker's hands, face and arms. This, in turn, will reduce their chances of potentially inhaling or ingesting this harmful substance.