On Your Trail: Should I Hire A Single Or Dual Axle Trailer To Tow My Motorcycle?

Riding a motorcycle can be a thrilling way to get about, but the experience tends to lose its charm on longer journeys, when the lack of comfort and ride quality compared to a car can wreak havoc on your joints and more delicate areas of your anatomy. Consequently, many riders who intend to take the bikes on long road journeys to distant rallies or vacation spots hire a car-towable trailer to transport their pride and joy, and trailer hire companies offer a wide variety of bike trailers for the discerning motorcyclist. 

However, when choosing the right trailer to hire for your bike, you will have to decide whether to opt for a single or dual axle trailer. Each configuration comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, so you should familiarise yourself with the characteristics of each trailer type before deciding which trailer hire is best for your bike towing needs.

Why should I choose a single axle trailer for my bike?

As a general rule, single axle trailers are cheaper to hire than dual axle trailers. Since they are smaller and lighter than their dual axle counterparts, they are also less expensive to tow, and will not affect your towing vehicle's fuel economy as badly as dual axle models.

Less weight behind your towing vehicle also means that towing a single axle trailer does not affect your stopping distance as badly as a dual axle trailer, an important safety consideration when towing in heavy traffic or wet weather conditions.

Single axle trailers also tend to be shorter and more compact than dual axle models, an important consideration if you expect finding suitable parking to be difficult at your destination. This can also make highway driving easier as it allows you to change lanes more smoothly, so single axles trailers may be more suitable for your needs if you intend to travel by main roads and thoroughfares.

Why should I choose a dual axle trailer for my bike?

The chief advantage of opting for a dual axle motorcycle trailer is the extra safety they offer, with more tyres on the ground providing significantly improved grip compared to single axle models. This makes steering in wet weather safer, so if you intend to travel through rain-prone regions your choice of trailer may depend on whether the roads you take require better handing characteristics or shorter braking distances.

Dual axle trailers are also much safer if one of your trailer tyres should suffer a puncture or blowout, since the remaining three tyres will allow you to come to a safe stop more easily than a single tyre on a single axle trailer. Many motorcyclists towing their bikes over rough ground and poorly paved roads choose dual axle trailers for this reason.

The other great advantage of dual axle trailers besides the safety they provide is their increased maximum payloads. They are capable of carrying more weight safely, and distribute the weight of your bike more evenly over all four tyres, so dual axle trailers might be the choice for you if you ride a larger bike or trike.