Kitchen Renovations Trends For 2018

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Everything revolves around this room where meals are prepared over conversations and family bonding time. Giving your kitchen a facelift through renovations is a great way of boosting the appearance of your entire home.  

Kitchen renovations can take the form of a complete kitchen overhaul or simply changing various parts of the room such as the floor, countertops or cabinets. With the new year coming up, several trends have emerged in kitchen renovation designs that are absolutely breathtaking. You can seek to incorporate some of these trendy designs in whole or in part to achieve a rejuvenated and modern look.

Take a look at some of the upcoming kitchen design trends for 2018.

Contrasting tones in the kitchen cabinets

Kitchen renovators are bringing back the vintage feel of contrasting tones within kitchen cabinets. Many homeowners are going for various finishes across the same kitchen. For example, you can use weathered white oak and farrow on bottom cabinets for a more rugged feel, while incorporating a touch of modern eggshell and fresh white paint on your top cabinets.

This creates a contrasting appearance that blends well with other kitchen accessories. It is also a simple way of renovating the kitchen without breaking the bank.

Gray tones to overtake white colors

Of course, white has always been the gold standard color of most kitchens. However, the new year may lead you into gray territory where walls, cabinets and countertops are whitewashed with gray tones instead of the classic white.

This gives the kitchen a cool, laidback feel where you can enjoy spending time preparing meals.

Increased functionality

As technology continues to take center stage, kitchen renovations have not been left behind. You can expect to see traditional cabinet doors and kitchen appliances gaining new functionality. For example, many people are now installing cabinet doors that open upwards and outwards, as opposed to swinging apart like traditional doors. This makes it easier to access cabinet spaces without annoying doors swinging towards your face.

In addition, appliances such as fridges are being equipped with easy access handles where you can quickly grab common items such as ice, snacks, milk and other beverages.

Natural stone countertops

To achieve a more authentic feel, kitchen renovations are opting for countertops made of marble, quartz or granite. Natural stone is more durable, functional and aesthetically appealing to the entire kitchen. They give your countertops a touch of authenticity that makes the cooking process one to look forward to.