When to Call a Property Surveyor

A property surveyor is a professional who notes real, legal boundaries on a property, and who also notes certain landmarks and features that are part of a property; this may include water bodies, trees, boulders, and the like. A developer or a city may call a surveyor to mark off boundaries and make reports on land that is going to be used for development, but a private landowner can also call a surveyor if he or she has any questions about boundaries, the topography of a lot, and so on. If you own property or are looking to buy any type of property, whether it's vacant or has a home already built on the lot, note when you want to call a property surveyor, and how their services can be of assistance to you.

Drainage issues

If a property has any type of drainage issues, this can be very damaging to a home or other building on that lot. Excess moisture in the soil is one major cause of foundation damage to a building, as that water puts pressure on the concrete of the foundation and can then cause cracks and leaks. Poor drainage can also make it difficult to grow and support a lawn or garden, and soft soil can also allow fences to shift and eventually collapse.

Before you address such drainage issues, however, you might call a surveyor to note what could be causing the moisture in the soil to build up; if he or she finds natural features that are getting in the way of the drainage, you might have those items easily removed. A surveyor can also note the overall slope or grade of the property and if that needs addressing, and this can also be a quick fix for those drainage issues.


If you own or are looking to purchase a large plot of land, a map can be helpful in determining where and how you might build and develop on that land. A surveyor can create such a map for you, noting where there are natural features including boulders, ponds, and certain trees. These maps can help you and a contractor or landscaping engineer determine the best size and location for a new barn, shed, large garden, and the like. These maps can also be used if you want to run plumbing or electricity to outlying areas of your property, as you can determine the best route for these pieces so they're accessible but less likely to suffer damage from the natural features on your property.