Which Commercial Foundation Repair System Will Work For You?

When it's time for foundation repair in your commercial building, you undoubtedly want to find the best solution -- one that will allow you to stop worrying about foundation concerns for many years to come. There are several popular options when it comes to commercial foundation repairs. Your choice can depend on several factors, including whether it's a small repair or a total foundation repair. Here are the details on three of today's popular commercial foundation options in Australia:

Helical Piling

Helical piling is a popular foundation choice for both commercial and residential applications. The pilings are made of steel and are thus able to bear large weight loads. The helical piling system consists of a single centre shaft with helix-shaped plates (the helical blades.)

The helical piling system also features extension shafts, each with their own helical plates for additional weight bearing. The extension shafts are generally placed at least several metres apart, which allows each to support weight without placing stress on the other shafts. The helical piling system is a good option for large foundation repairs, and it's often used to replace older foundations when they've almost completely failed.  

Push Pier System

The push pier system uses steel tubing and a specialised repair bracket for load transfer. That repair bracket is installed on the pre-existing footing of the older foundation. Each piece of steel tubing then individually pierces the bracket, going deep underground via hydraulic force. With the addition of each piece steel tubing, the building level is checked to gauge whether it's been raised sufficiently.

The push pier system is often used for stabilisation of an older commercial foundation when it's just starting to fail. While not necessarily as strong as the helical piling system, the push pier system can still bear enormous weight and is a good choice for many commercial foundation repairs. 

Helical Anchoring System

The helical anchoring system is a very common choice in commercial foundation repair due to its fast results. In this system, helical anchors are installed by hand (in the case of smaller jobs or in residential jobs) or with excavation machinery (for the larger jobs.)

When the helical anchors are put into place, they're immediately load tested. Results can be achieved very quickly -- often more quickly than with helical piling or push pier systems, although it does depend upon the scope of the repair. For smaller commercial buildings and for minor foundation problems, this might be the quick fix you need. 

Looking for quality foundation work? Contact your local foundation repair provider for more information on your repair options today!