5 Essential Tips for Developing Land Creatively and Efficiently

Land development can be challenging, and if you want to create a development that really appeals to commercial or residential tenants, you need to create a thoughtful, efficient design. To help you, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Work With the Land

When you're doing land development, it can be tempting to just raze the land and start with a blank canvas, but in most cases, it's more efficient and more attractive, if you work with the land. Leave the swells and depressions in place and work around them. Use what's already happening with the land to inform your designs. For instance, look at the way stormwater moves through the undeveloped space and mimic that path in your land development design.

2. Take a Holistic Approach

There's a lot of different systems that are involved in land development. Rather than separating each of those elements, consider tying them together by taking a holistic approach. For instance, imagine you are carving out paths for stormwater, but you also want to create nature trails for people to walk along.

In those cases, you may want to create the look of empty river beds with interesting landscaping stones. Then, you can let the stormwater use those channels for conveyance, while also putting paths for residents next to those scenic areas. That saves money on pipes and effectively kills two birds with one stone.

3. Minimise Dead Spaces

Dead spaces are any spaces where nothing is planned. For example, a small cluster of bushes between the edge of a parking lot and the perimeter of your development, where litter tends to build up is a dead space. When planning your land development, try to use every last bit of earth and minimise the dead spaces. If space isn't sellable to residents or something that helps appeal to residents, it shouldn't be there.

4. Think About Your Audience

While developing your land, think about your target audience. Do you want businesses to set up in the development? Do you want to attract young families or seniors? Are you trying to appeal to active families or people who love nature? Ideally, you should have your target buyer in mind, and you should make choices around them.

5. Be Creative

Finally, be creative in your endeavors. What is the unique thing that you can offer that other developments aren't offering? Answering that question is key. To get help, contact local land surveyors that specialise in land development.