5 Tips to Consider If You're Worried About Cracks in a Glass Splash Back

A glass splashback looks beautiful, but if you are worried about cracks, you may be wondering about your options. With the right materials and installation, cracks are extremely rare, but here are some tips to consider: 

1. Talk About Cracking Risks With Your Glazier

Before installing a glass splashback, make sure that it is designed for use in the kitchen. Talk with the glazier about the strength of the glass as well as its heat resistance. For instance, if you are putting a glass splashback behind the stovetop, that needs to be particularly durable. Don't just install any glass in this area.

2. Consider Tiles

For long term stability, you may want to consider glass tiles. These create a nice look, and they are also easier to repair than a large sheet of glass. If one tile gets cracked or chipped, you can just call in a tile installer to remove that tile and put on a new one. To make this possible, make sure that you get extra tiles when you do your installation. Then, you are ensured that you have the right colour and shape on hand when you need it.

3. Get a Warranty

Talk with your glass splashback installer about a warranty. Most splash back installers are confident enough about their product that they can warranty both the work and the glass. Double check the terms of the warranty so that you know what to expect.

4. Experiment With Different Repair Solutions

If you have a crack in your existing glass splashback, there are a variety of options you may want to consider. You may want to cut out the broken part of the glass as well as some of the surrounding area and put tiles in that area or sheets of glass in different colours. In other cases, you may just want to cut all of the glass out of that area and put in stainless steel or another material that complements the rest of your glass splashback.

5. Try to Repair the Chip

There are a range of different products that may be able to help you repair a chip in your glass splashback. Most of these products consist of silicone that you smooth into the crack until it looks even. That helps to fill the dent or crack so that it matches the rest of your glass splash backs. In some cases, companies that offer windscreen chip repair can also help.