Planning for Summer? Keep Your Kids Safe with a Permanent Pool Fencing

Pools are a wonderful source of comfort and entertainment, especially in the warm Australian weather. Installing a fence around your pool might be one of the most important decisions you'll make to help mitigate the risk of drowning and keep your family safe around the pool.

Here are types of permanent pool fencing to guarantee year-round safety for your loved ones and at the same time feel about your pool's design. 

Glass pool fences

Glass is certainly one of the most attractive and budget-friendly pool fencing in comparison to wood and aluminium, fencing. Glass provides a see-through vision which allows you to retain your beautiful yard without ruining the view or cutting your yard.

Glass pool fencing is made of thick safety glass that is virtually non-breakable as well as shatter resistant. With a glass pool fencing, you can easily watch and supervise your kids as they swim form a variety of outside areas.

Wood pool fences

Wood is a classic fence building material and has been used for pool fencing for decades. A pool fence made of wood is usually strong, versatile and is easily customised to suit your style. Although wood will require more maintenance compared to other pool fencing options, it offers you more choices in design and appearance.

Wood fencing is also cheaper compared to other materials such as aluminium, hence you can install a properly sized fence around your fence especially on a budget.

Wrought iron fences

Although wrought iron is one of the expensive pool fencing material, it is also one of the most popular option and for good reasons.  Wrought iron provides one of the most secure types of pool fencing to guarantee safety and protection of your loved ones.

In addition to strength wrought iron is very durable and creates a beautiful pool fence that adds to your landscape. Wrought iron fences come in a variety of different styles to suit your style. Regular maintenance is required to protect an iron pool fence from rust.

Aluminium, pool fences

Aluminium, pool fences have much in common with wrought iron pool fences, except they are much lighter, less expensive and will not rust. Some of the available options include aluminium, slate or tubes that can be used either horizontal or vertical.

However, when used in homes close to the Australian coast, aluminium, pool fences will require regular maintenance to prevent corrosion due to the hot sun and salty weather.