Top 3 Tips to Ensure Safe Use of Your Skip Bin

Rubbish removal and disposal can be an extremely onerous task, especially if you generate lots of waste in your home or commercial premises. Luckily, you don't have to do the job yourself, as there are many skip bin services like A West Bin that can handle the job on your behalf. If you're considering enlisting the services of a skip bin company, it's vital that you know how to safely use a skip bin before you can order one. This is because skip bins pose significant safety hazard if they're not used properly. 

Here are some vital safety tips that you should keep in mind to avoid injuries and/or accidents that may arise out of skip bin hire:

  1. Don't let your skip brim over with rubbish. What happens when your cup of tea is too full? It will brim over when you try to lift it up. In the same vein, rubbish can fall out if you overfill your skip. The falling items can hit and hurt someone who may be walking around the skip. To cushion against this, skip bins are usually marked near the top. The markings are meant to ensure that all waste is kept within the skip to avoid accidental spillages, especially when loaded skips are being picked up and transported. Do not fill your skip above the 'height fill line,' as your skip bin service might not pick up your bin in the first place.
  2. Distribute the weight of your skip as evenly as you can. This is vital with regards to ensuring your load is stable and safe for your skip bin professional to transport from your property. Though it is virtually impossible to create a seamlessly balanced load when you're putting items into your skip, you should try to make your load as evenly balanced as possible. To prevent tipping of your load while it is being hauled away from your property, it is important for you to pack up efficiently. Put all your heavy materials at the bottom of the skip and place your light materials on top to maintain a lower centre of gravity. Avoid the temptation to randomly throw rubbish into your skip, as this may make your load unstable and unsafe to transport.
  3. Mind what you put in your bin. Generally speaking, skip bin services usually impose a blanket ban on materials that should NEVER be loaded into their skips. Some of these materials such as battery acids, aerosol cans, asbestos and lead paints are toxic, corrosive or inflammable and are therefore major safety hazards. The best way to eliminate risks resulting from disposal of these materials is to ensure you keep unacceptable rubbish out of your skip.

With these tips, you can ensure safe use of your skip but also steer clear of fines and penalties that may result out of violating the terms and conditions of your hire.