What you need to know before pouring concrete

When you want to pour a large amount of concrete at one time the easiest way to quickly get the concrete where it needs to go is to use a pump. Shovelling large volumes of concrete by hand is rarely a practical solution, and this is especially so when the destination of the concrete is a location such as a basement that is difficult to access or work in. A hydraulic boom pump will make light work of transferring all the concrete that you need to the right place.

For most businesses purchasing their own concrete pump is neither practical or desirable, buying expensive equipment that will spend most of its life in storage isn't the best use of resources. Arranging concrete pump hire when it is needed will ensure that the pump arrives on-site and is ready to begin pumping at the exact time it is scheduled.

What comes with your pump?

If you want to pump concrete, then you will need to arrange concrete pump hire, but along with the pump you will also be hiring a team of workers to operate the equipment. You will need to discuss with the team exactly what time you need them to begin and finish work each day, and find out from them the time that the job will take from initial delivery through to final placement. The team will usually include a concreting gang, a pump operator and a mixer driver and every team member must work well together to achieve the desired result. Check that you will be supplied with qualified workers who have suitable experience with projects similar to yours.

Where will you buy your concrete?

There are plenty of places that you could purchase the concrete you will need, but it is often most sensible to see if the concrete can be provided by the people who will be supplying the concrete pump. Coordinating the arrival of the concrete and the pump is usually the most economical way of arranging the concrete supply and ensures that you will receive the correct volume of concrete at exactly the time you need it. Working in this way means that you don't have to arrange storage of the concrete while you wait for the pump, or have the pump standing idle waiting for the concrete to arrive.

Be sure to discuss your concrete pouring requirements with the concrete pump hire company. They will be able to suggest and supply the most suitable pump for your job.