Working Techniques Available for Demolition of Concrete Building Structures

Whether you intend to have a building demolished partially or completely, it is important that you enlist the services of a professional demolition contractor. One of the top reasons to hire a pro to handle your job is because they will know the best way to perform the job. If you are looking to have a concrete building pulled down, and you are wondering about what type of working techniques can be used for your demolition, continue reading on below. 

Manual demolition

As the name suggests, manual demolition involves the use of manual tools and equipment to tear down a structure. Some of the tools that are commonly used to perform manual demolitions include sledgehammers, jackhammers, pry bars, crowbars, and drillers. As simple as manual demolition tools and equipment may be to operate, they require expert handling to ensure safe and efficient demolition. It is, however, important to point out that manual demolitions relatively take longer to complete compared to other demolition methods. It is why manual demolition is often used to carry out small-scale demolition work.

Mechanical demolition

As mentioned above, manual demolition takes time and is suitable for small projects. For large and complex jobs, bringing in powerful machinery to help make light work of the demolition work is the most practical way to get the job done. Demolition with large construction equipment is called mechanical demolition and this method is relatively faster than the manual method. All heavy machines used for demolition work must be operated by trained personnel and fitted with the right operator protective devices. In addition, protective protocols must be designed to minimise the risk of injury to the operator and other demolition workers. Some of the most commonly used mechanical demolition methods include: demolition with crane combined with a wrecking ball; demolition with a high-reach pusher arm; demolition by bulldozer, et cetera.


This working technique involves using explosives to demolish a building. Explosives are planted in certain parts of the building and set off to bring down the entire structure. It is regarded as a high-risk construction work that must be performed by a competent person upon approval by the relevant regulatory authority. Though explosives can pull down a concrete building much faster than heavy mechanical equipment, planning for the demolition work may take longer.

There are other working methods used by demolition contractors today and the endeavour to find new demolition techniques is constantly ongoing. Talk to a demolition contractor near you to find out the best way to perform your demolition.