How to Transform Your Small House Plan to Feel Like a Large Space

Many reasons attract homeowners to small homes. Probably you have a tight budget and can only build a small home, or you want to scale back from that four-bedroom house you purchased when your kids were growing up. However, the small square footage doesn't necessarily mean that your house has to feel less spacious. With the help of a professional home builder, you can add these three design elements to your small house plan to get the most out of its square footage and bring a sense of spaciousness. Read on.

1.  Open layout

An open floor layout basically incorporates large, open spaces while doing away with small, detached rooms. Simply put, an open floor layout includes a spacious room that connects and embraces smaller areas that serve various other functions. The open concept combines the dining room, living room, and the kitchen in a joint space.

The lack of interior partitions such as doors and walls makes the room feel airy and spacious as opposed to when individual rooms are cut off from one another. Open layouts are perfect for homes with smaller square footage where interior spaces are generally shared.

2.  A higher ceiling

Humans are enthralled with height. Many people travel across the world to stand in admiration before soaring natural and man-made monuments. In the home, high ceilings also elicit that visceral reaction and lend a sense of spaciousness. They get rid of the boxy or confined feel sometimes associated with small house plans. Tall ceilings stimulate the brain and encourage space exploration while at the same time prompting you to think without restraint. The higher the ceiling, the higher the sense of space afforded to your rooms. Of course, more space means more light.

3. Large windows

Nothing makes your interior space feel so confined akin to the absence of natural lighting. Allowing the entry of natural light opens up your interiors and adds a sense of roominess. To do so, ask your home builder to set up large windows which help connect your interior space with the outdoors, creating an impression of space. You'll be surprised at how this little addition could well make a telling difference.

A small square footage home doesn't necessarily signify a confined or boxy feel. By instructing and working with your home builder to implement the above-mentioned design elements, you can transform your small house plan into a large space.