Various Plywood Products You Could Utilise In Your Construction Project

No matter what construction project you are planning, be it building a shed or constructing a deck, it is vital to invest in the appropriate building supplies to ensure the integrity of the structure. And when it comes to timber supplies, one of the readily available materials that is a staple in construction is plywood products. But not all plywood is created equal. Knowing what different options are available coupled with their primary usage can help you decide on what will be ideal for the distinct architectural elements of your structure. Read on for the various plywood products you could utilise in your upcoming construction project.

Softwood plywood products

Plywood is characterised by three primary layers usually referred to as the core, the back and the face of the wood. With this in mind, softwood plywood products are differentiated from other types by the fact that all these sections are made from softwood. Although softwood plywood products are available in an extensive stock of varying thicknesses, grades as well as sizes, the main thing that they have in common is that each individual product is made from the same species. Some of the different species that will be used in the manufacture of softwood plywood products include fir and pine. When using them in construction, softwood plywood products are best suited for decorative applications rather than structural uses.

Marine-grade plywood products

As suggested by their name, these types of plywood products are best suited for applications that will have to endure prolonged exposure to wet environments. Thus, the marine plywood products will typically be utilised in the construction of decks, cladding for structures and so on. Take note, however, that marine-grade plywood products should be installed without any seams, as joints will make the inner layers vulnerable to water damage.

Hardwood plywood products

Unlike softwood plywood products that will have three sections made of the same wood species, hardwood plywood products are characterised by only the face of the product being made out of hardwood timber. The subsequent layers that give the plywood its structure can be derived from an array of materials such as (but not limited to) lumber, softwood and even particleboard.

Hardwood plywood products are typically utilised for applications that require both inherent strength as well as aesthetic appeal. So you can choose to invest in these products when you are constructing cabinetry, drawers, furniture and so on. Some of the timber species that are popularly used in the manufacture of hardwood plywood products are oak, birch and various types of exotic wood species that provide unique grain patterns.