3 Common Reasons Why Garage Door Rollers Pop Out of the Track

If you have recently installed a garage roller door opener, then you must have noticed that the rollers make the operation of the entrance easy. Rollers that fit into a tracking aid the smooth upward and downward movement of the garage door. During the normal operation of a garage door, however, one needs to be careful because the rollers will jump off the track from time to time. There are different reasons why rollers can pop out of the tracks, and this article highlights some of the causes

Faulty Track -- When dealing with popping rollers on a garage door, the first thing you should do is to check the track itself. Since the rollers move up and down the rail, it is critical for the path to be free of dirt or damage. For instance, if the track is bent at a particular point, it is possible that the garage door rollers will pop off the track at the bend. To confirm your suspicions, slowly raise the garage door and mark the point where the roller goes off track. If there is a bend, gently pound on it using a hammer to get it back to shape. If the track is not damaged, look for possible debris accumulation along the track. If it is dirty, clean the track thoroughly with a detergent for smooth operation.

Worn Out and Dirty Rollers -- Over time, the rollers on your garage will wear out. Some rollers lose their shape as they wear out which can affect the operation of garage door rollers. For example, if one of the rollers has a bump, it will cause uneven movements and throw the other rollers off track. The best thing to do is to immediately identify the worn rollers and replace them with new ones. The presence of dirt on the rollers is also a common culprit. As such, you should ensure that you clean the rollers every once in a while to prevent them from popping out of the rail.

Loose Panel Hinges -- Garage door rollers are made of several steel panels that are hinged together. The hinges keep the panels aligned which in turn keep the roller on track. With time, however, the hinges might start to get loose consequently causing the garage door to sag, which can disrupt normal movement of the roller along the track and cause it to roll out. You can prevent this by making sure that the hinges holding the panels together always stay tight.