4 Reasons to Use Brick for Your Garden's Retaining Wall

There are many reasons you might need to add a retaining wall to your garden, and there are many materials with which that retaining wall can be built. While it's easy to become overwhelmed by the number of choices, you should really stop to consider the benefits of using brick landscaping.

Here are just four reasons to choose brick for your garden's retaining walls.

1. Attractive Appearance

Probably the best thing about using brick to make your retaining wall is ending up with something that looks attractive and complements the appearance of your home. Unlike other materials, bricks have a warm and natural appearance, and they retain their colour well over the years with minimal need for maintenance. You can even choose from different colours – whether you want a single shade or a mix of tones, brick can work for you.

2. Extremely Strong

Looks are well worth considering, but they ultimately need to take second place to practicality. Luckily, brick is as tough as it is attractive. A brick retaining wall will be built on solid foundations to ensure exceptional strength – you can even have metal rods passed though the bricks for added strength and stability, or build a double wall to hold back lots of moisture and soil. Once built, a brick retaining wall won't be damaged by moisture, insects, termites or even fire. Few materials touch it for ongoing strength and durability.

3. Flexibility

Some materials don't allow for very flexible shapes – timber would be a prime example. In contrast, brick retaining walls are extremely flexible. You can have the brick laid down to create just about any shape you could want. If you need a straight retaining wall, brick will be fine. If you want something with gentle curves, brick can still do the job. Since brick retaining walls are so strong, you can also build them to any height. Other materials, such as concrete blocks, need to be kept below a certain height to function properly.

4. Eco-Friendly

When you start looking at retaining wall materials, you probably won't be giving a whole lot of thought to eco-friendliness – in fact, it probably isn't even something that will cross your mind. However, it's an issue well worth taking into consideration, especially since bricks represent an easy way to go eco-friendly. They're made from shale and clay, which are both abundant and sustainable. If your retaining wall ever needs to be taken down, bricks can be easily repurposed.