Why You Should Consult with a Structural Engineer for Vintage Renovations

When you purchased your vintage home, you may have had ideas of renovating it to looks as historic as possible. You may already have contractors in mind and design plans. You also may have talked to the local historical society. But there is one group you still need to talk to. Here are some reasons you should consult with a structural engineer for your vintage renovation before you get started.

Beam and Truss Integrity

One of the leading factors to consider in your vintage renovation is if the walls and roof structure will hold up to the changes. The structural integrity of the home needs to be able to maintain the renovations that will occur. During a consultation and inspection, the structural engineer will check the durability of the beam and truss network of the home. They will determine if the beams and trusses should be replaced during the renovation. They will also determine if they can currently withstand upgrades that may cause more pressure on the areas. If changes do need to be made, they will suggest those changes and what to do to make those changes possible.  

Foundation Integrity

Depending on how old the home is, you may be facing foundation integrity. If the foundation was never worked on, you may have weaker areas along the entire base of the home. This would require underpinning processes to help build up these weak areas. This would need to be done to help prevent sinking in doorways, windows and entire walls during and following the renovations. The engineers will give you options for the underpinning and let you know which will be best for you.

Material Options

In many cases, the renovations to your vintage home are workable but the material may need to change. For example, you may want to have the shingles on a home look like they originally did. Unfortunately, that may have meant using asbestos siding or shingle tiles. Those are no longer available. With that in mind, your structural engineer will offer options and material replacements. This can also extend to materials that are lighter or more environmentally friendly than the original option but will give you the same final look.

These are just a few of the reasons you should consult with a structural engineer for your vintage renovations. When you are ready to schedule your consultation and start on an inspection, contact your local engineer group. They can set up an appointment and move through the process with you to get the renovations you want.