Effective Ways to Care for Your Glass Pool Fence

Looking to install a fence around your outdoor pool? There are many different pool fencing materials available for you to choose from. Each material offers a varying degree of safety, security, durability and aesthetics. The choice of an appropriate pool fencing material depends on your individual requirements and budget. 

Glass pool fences are one of the most popular fencing options for outdoor pools these days. They are made sturdy to serve as an effective physical barrier and provide a clear view of the pool section and the rest of the yard. But like other types of pool fences, they require some level of upkeep to keep looking pristine and to last long.

Here are some essential tips on how to care for your glass pool fence.

Cleaning the Glass Panels

Although glass pool fences are sturdy because they are made of toughened glass panels, the use of abrasive cleaning tools and techniques scratches the surface of the glass, thus eroding its visual appeal. Use warm soapy water, special glass cleaners and a squeegee to clean the glass. Pay more attention to areas with mud and grime, as they may require a more cleaning effort to get rid of the dirt. 

As with regular windows and windscreens, glass pool fencing is prone to streaks due to its proximity to pool water. For effective streak removal, lean more towards water and vinegar cleaning solutions that the alcohol-based commercial cleaners that tend to increase streaks.

Maintaining the Hardware

Proper maintenance, especially for the hardware and moving parts, increases longevity and keeps the fence in good shape. Ensure that the moving parts are well-lubricated, as well as rustproofing the metal parts. The presence of moisture, water and air exposes metal parts to rust.

Also, be sure to check connectors, fasteners, springs and other hardware frequently. Ensure they are tightened and replaced if needed. Engage a pool fence contractor if you need help with the inspection, maintenance and repair of your fence hardware.

A well-installed glass pool fencing offers an unobstructed view of your pool, as well as a seamless transition from the surrounding to the pool while offering controlled access to the pool section. Installations done by professional pool fencing contractors can even increase the home value by adding on an expensive look. Achieving this, however, calls for proper care and maintenance of your pool fence. Don't hesitate to contact fence contractors about this task.