3 Ways to Get Unique Roof Trusses for Your New House

Interior décor was all the hype decades ago as families spent most of their time indoors. Very little attention was given to the exterior of the house as long as the walls and roofs were functional. Nonetheless,  as people began spending more time outdoors, builders started designing roof trusses that made houses more aesthetically appealing. Today, different homes feature various roof designs, and it is largely thanks to roof truss technology. Therefore, you need a unique roof design if you are building your future house. This article highlights tips for achieving a spectacular roof design using trusses.

Choose More Than One Roof Truss Designs

One of the easiest approaches to getting a unique roof design is to mix and match different roof truss designs on your house. When a home features one roof truss design, it is easy to tell the model just by looking at the structure. However, roofing a house with more than one roof truss design gives the home a unique look from all angles. In fact, it can be difficult to tell the exact plans that are used on a single building, especially if the roofer does an excellent job at concealing the trusses. It is even better if you are building a house with many rooms since it gives your roofer room to add more truss designs.

Customised Truss Design

Although there are numerous roof truss designs to choose from, designers should personalise roof truss designs. The designer ensures that clients are not restricted to what they see on the internet or home construction magazines. For example, if you like the dropped chord truss, scissor truss or the parallel chord truss roof designs, then ask your designer to customise your roof truss based on those three models. Such customisation always leads to the construction of highly unique roof designs.

Use Old Roof Truss Designs

"Old is gold," and this statement holds true in roof truss design. As roof truss design has evolved over the years, people have forgotten what roof trusses of the past looked like. Therefore, most modern homes feature contemporary roof truss designs and technology. However, roofers can take advantage of the opportunity to look at truss designs from the past and start building contemporary homes that incorporate traditional roof truss designs. For example, an industrial house design goes well with barn-like roof trusses. Also, metal and timber combinations on the roof bring the old and the new together.

Keep these things in mind when you contact your local roof trusses designer and provider to help you with your home.