Two Tips for Landscaping a Family Garden

If you have been asked to landscape a garden that belongs to a family with young children, the suggestions made here might prove helpful.

Use Empire grass

If the project will include fitting a new lawn, then you must pick a family-friendly grass. The reason for this is that there are plenty of different grasses which can look wonderful, provided you rarely walk or sit on them. However, for a family with young kids, it would be unrealistic to use a type of grass that is this delicate, as children generally want to jump, run around and play games on their lawn.

As such, the lawn you lay must be appropriate for this type of busting and boisterous environment. Empire grass would be a good fit for this setting, as it is one of the softer grass varieties and is comfortable for the family to sit or lay on during impromptu picnics. It will also be less sore to fall on when any of the kids take a tumble whilst running around on it. Additionally, because it is quite hard-wearing, it won't develop bald patches in areas where the children play most frequently; this is very important, as most families with young kids do not have a lot of time to spend on lawn maintenance.

Make the child-friendly garden features prettier or less noticeable

One of the challenges of landscaping a family garden is that it will probably come with a few child-friendly features, such as trampolines and swing sets, which can be eyesores that detract from the other beautiful items you add to into this space. This is why it's important to find creative ways in which to make them either more appealing or less noticeable.

For example, you could dig a hole in the soil in the garden and place the trampoline into it so that the top section of it is level with the soil's surface. This would prevent the trampoline from blocking the view of any pretty shrubs or flowers you plant around it whilst still ensuring that the children can continue to use it whenever they want to. Conversely, if there is a wooden swing set in the garden, you could wrap a climbing plant (like a flowering vine) along the outer frame of this set. The combination of the green leaves and flowers around the swing could make this ordinary and plain item much more beautiful.