Benefits of Concrete Sealing

Concrete is one of the most popular construction materials in Australia. It is durable, versatile, attractive and has other amazing features which make it an excellent material. Despite its benefits, concrete is a highly porous material, meaning that water can pass through it quickly and cause destructive effects. 

The porous nature of concrete, however, should not make you fear using it on your floors, ceilings and other surfaces because concrete sealing offers an excellent solution. By definition, concrete sealing is the addition of protective layers on the concrete to block cracks and prevents peels.

Concrete sealing process

The main aim of the sealing process is to make the concrete stronger and to make it more resistant to external conditions. Although the process is not complicated, only a certified concrete sealing expert should do it. There are many types of sealants, and each type has its own installation rules and requirements. 

The sealing process involves several steps. The professional sealer cleans the concrete to remove the dust, stains and other particles from the surface. The contractor then removes the existing concrete seal and sprays the surface with new paint. The sealer waits for a few minutes for the first sealing coat to dry. The contractor can apply up to five layers of the concrete sealant, depending on the client's requirements.

Benefits of concrete sealing

Prevents the growth of mould

Too much penetration of water through the concrete can facilitate the growth of mould on the surface. Mould causes discolouration on the surface and can also cause multiple health hazards. Professional concrete sealing helps to keep the concrete safe from mould and mildew.

Increases durability

Concrete with a seal can serve you for a longer period of time than concrete without a seal. The seal prevents moisture, dirt and other elements from reaching the surface, thus making the concrete more durable. 

Improves the appearance

Concrete sealing is a suitable method for enhancing the presence of the concrete. The seals come in many colours and designs, and therefore you can choose an appropriate colour which would match well with the other parts of your house. If you intend to sell the property, concrete sealing can increase the market value for the property.

If you would like to add a protective layer on your concrete, look for concrete sealing services within your state. The right professionals will seal at an affordable price, and give you more maintenance tips.