Three Things to Look for in an Asphalt Company

When you need to have new asphalt paving laid, you will need a professional asphalt company to take on the work. If you have never been involved in hiring an asphalt company before, it can sometimes be difficult to compare companies and to work out which would be the best choice for the job. Here are three things which you should look for to ensure that you pick an asphalt company that will provide you with the best level of service and that will lay a surface that will last.

What grade of asphalt will they use?

Don't make the mistake of assuming that all asphalt is the same. An asphalt company should be able to supply different grades of asphalt. If you need a high-quality asphalt surface that will last for a long time, then you must request a high grade of asphalt with less recycled asphalt in it.

What equipment will they use?

Choosing an asphalt company that completes asphalt surfaces by hand might not be a good choice. Asphalt cools quickly, and without fully operational machinery and a full crew working on the job to lay it properly, the quality of your surface will suffer. Ask questions about how many people will do the work, what machinery they intend to use and how well that machinery is maintained.  

Will they ask for money in advance?

For most asphalt surfaces, there should be no need for the asphalt company to request any money in advance. A reputable asphalt company will have established credit lines in place and will have no need to request a deposit from you.

Do they have the right level of insurance?

No one intends for accidents to happen, but it is important to plan for the possibility. If there is an accident on your site, then you will need to be fully protected against claims resulting from damage to property or injury to a person. There are lots of contractors who will only possess the minimum levels of insurance cover, but higher levels of cover could mean better protection for you if the worst happens. Look for an asphalt company that has insurance cover for auto liability and workers compensation as well as general liability.

A well-laid asphalt surface should last for many years. By asking the right questions at the start of the process, you can be sure of working with a reputable asphalt company that will create the perfect asphalt paving for your location.