5 Signs That Your Hard Tennis Court Needs Repair

While a hard tennis court will serve you for a long time, it can also suffer some damage. Some causes of these damages include temperature cycles, poor installation, freeze damage, water damage and many more factors. Do you think repairs can wait till the end of the season?

A damaged hard tennis court is not only an eyesore, but it is also hazardous for players. Here are 5 signs that your hard tennis court needs repair.

Bird Baths

While birds are all right, most of the time, birdbaths are not good for your tennis court or your players. Birdbaths occur if your court surface has a low spot and a crack in it. Water then fills the crack and creates a puddle. 

Not only is this not pleasant to look at, but the water puddles also continue to damage the court by breaking down the acrylic coating on the surface. This acrylic coating system is important as it acts as a barrier for your asphalt. Left unattended, this birdbath will continue to grow bigger.

Don't try to DIY. Call a professional to solve this problem by building an asphalt patch or creating many layers of acrylic patch binder. 

Surface Cracks

While these are not very serious, you need to fix them before they become a bigger problem. The issue is easy to fix but still calls for a professional who will fill the crevice with a low viscosity material that holds the surface together. 

Deep Cracks

This happens when you ignore the surface cracks. They grow to become deep cracks. If the cracks are wide, they may need a stone dust overlay. However, if you did not neglect your court for long, you may be in luck. A professional will choose from a list of many viable options and find a solution that is resilient and long-lasting.

Your Court Is Due for a Resurfacing

The only way to keep your court at an optimum is to have a resurface every few years. If you are due for a resurfacing, you will first need to undertake repairs. The first phase of your tennis court resurfacing is conducting deep full-scale repairs, including the removal of any materials used to fill in previous crack repairs. 

Consult the Players

Players will also tell if your court needs repair. They will easily identify problems like slick spots and loose sand. If a player tells you that their court is playing a bit too fast, then call a professional and have them inspect the court and spot any areas that need repair.

Cracks can be a sign of a bigger problem below the surface. Ensure you respond to tennis court cracks and with great urgency by calling a contractor soonest possible.

For more information, contact a tennis court repair service today.