Three Guidelines for Purchasing Timber for Fence Construction

Timber fences are favoured for residential use because of their simple appeal. This type of material has a beautiful natural appearance which matches well with almost any home design. Also, the timber can be modified and improved by painting, ensuring that the quality of the fencing does not decline. In addition, a well-built lumber fence is quite durable. However, it is crucial to note that the performance of this type of structure will depend on the specific materials chosen for construction. If you would like to promote good aesthetics and long-lasting service, use the outlined tips for top-quality fencing timber selection.

Understand Wood

You should know the wood options before choosing the best for your fencing need. Poor selection can lead to premature failure of the structure, financial problems and a high demand for maintenance. Under ideal circumstances, hardwood is the most advantageous timber for construction. It is tough and resistant to most forms of damage. However, the material can be costly. Therefore, where possible, you should choose hardwood for posts and the alternatives for the panelling.

Softwood is perfect for fence construction because it is relatively inexpensive, widely available and easy to handle. However, you must keep in mind that most of the woods like pine are vulnerable to rotting and pest damage. Fortunately, you can manage this problem by purchasing treated materials. Good timber should be kiln-dried to eliminate moisture. Also, the wood must be pressure treated to ensure the complete penetration of protective compounds.

Think About Sizing

The size of fencing timber is a critical consideration during purchase. In general, the best dimensions will depend on the planned design for the structure. For instance, if you are planning on installing a simple decorative picket fence, you will need to acquire narrow pieces of wood. These are suitable for creating a fence with gaps between the timber units. On the other hand, if you would like a secure and private fence, you will need to opt for wider and longer boards. These will allow for convenient creation of tough panels.

Determine Number

Finally, you must determine the right number of timber units to acquire for your fence construction project. This is important because purchasing the required wood materials in a single order will guarantee consistency of the delivered lumber. Also, you might be eligible for discounts if you order in bulk. You can calculate the optimal quantity by taking into account the sizing of the chosen timber units and measuring the total perimeter of the property.