The Pros Of Choosing Pine Framing For Your Custom Home Build

While financial freedom from rent and mortgage payments is considered the number one advantage of having your forever home custom-built, this is not the only benefit that you get to capitalise on. Another massive benefit of commissioning a custom home build is that you have the final say on all the building materials that will be utilised for this residential construction project. From the flooring to the roof, you have a vast range of supplies to consider. However, if your budget is not flexible, you may be considering whether to choose pocket-fringed materials. Fortunately, you are not limited to unattractive materials. And when choosing the right material for the framing of the structure, pine is a great investment to consider. Below are just a couple of the benefits of choosing pine framing for your custom home build.


If you are a champion of the planet, you are likely to prioritise sustainable construction supplies for your construction project. And when it comes to timber supplies, it is paramount to be critical about where you source your materials from, as some providers do not harvest the lumber responsibly. The great thing about pine is that many Aussie plantations focus on the sustainable planting and harvesting of pine trees. So when you choose this type of lumber, you can be confident that you are not harming the environment. Not to mention that the use of pine is construction projects minimises the pressure on state forests, which goes a long way in conserving the forests and subsequently maintaining Australia's natural beauty.


The construction of a building, whether residential or commercial, is indubitably a strenuous task. However, not many people realise that the construction and assembly of the framing is one of the most laborious construction tasks! The reason for this can be attributed to the fact that framing is not only intricate enough to ensure unobstructed openings where you need them, but it is also supposed to be highly sturdy too. With that in mind, it is essential to ensure that the materials being employed for the framing are easy to work with or you risk being exposed to a hefty bill due to the manpower required. Pine is one of the most workable timber supplies. Not only is it easy to cut, but it is also very receptive to nails. This pliability makes the construction of pine framing both fast and efficient.