Ideas to Draw Inspiration from When Deliberating On the Right Home Extension

Although home extensions are typically associated with a need to accommodate a growing family, this is not the only valid reason to contemplate this project. Stay at home orders, for example, that came about due to the pandemic have brought about the need for dedicated working areas in the home so you are thinking of embarking on a home extension that will function as an office space. On the other hand, you might be fed up with the fact that your living room is too small to accommodate many guests so you want to create an entertainment area on your property. Whatever the underlying reason, you may want to divert from the conventional residential extension concepts so that you can add character to your property. This piece highlights a few ideas to draw inspiration from when deliberating on the right home extension.

A split level extension

If your property is located on an incline, you may be under the belief that your home extension options are limited. This belief is largely based on the presumption that extensions have to be at the same level as the original property but this is untrue. Rather than confine yourself to the parts of the lot that were previously levelled, you should explore the opportunities that the incline opens up for you. A split level extension allows you to make use of the area on sloping land by constructing unique spaces for your home. For example, if you want a secluded room to host guests, a sunken living area would be the right balance between being connected to the main house yet still enjoying the privacy that the lower level brings. If you are concerned about illumination, consider installing skylights that will keep this split level brightly illuminated during the day, mitigating your dependence on artificial lighting.

An indoor-outdoor extension

Transitioning part of your home directly out to nature brings about a vast array of benefits. Not only do you get to enjoy the healing properties of fresh air and sunlight streaming into your home but it also adds a luxe aesthetic to your residence reminiscent of luxury spas or resort hotels. With all these advantages, it is understandable why one would assume that an indoor-outdoor extension would be an expensive project to engage in but this is far from the truth. Your construction contractors can bring the outdoors into your home through various options. For instance, you could opt for a sunroom extension that keeps you sheltered from the elements while still allowing you unobstructed views of your property. Alternately, the contractors could knock down a wall and replace it with French doors or their bifold counterparts, allowing you the flexibility to control how much of your space is opened up to the outdoors.