Signs of Moisture Ingress That Should Compel You to Hire Waterproofing Services

Moisture ingress is one of the stealthiest causes of structural damage in residential properties, and this can be attributed to a couple of causes. For starters, water ingress can occur due to several reasons ranging from poorly installed damp-proofing measures, substandard foundation materials, soil saturation and more. In addition to this, when moisture ingress occurs, it does so gradually. Hence, by the time that you realise that you have an underlying problem, you will likely have to engage in extensive remediation for your property to restore its integrity. Thus, every homeowner must know how to spot the signs so they can seek professional intervention immediately. Fortunately, reputable waterproofing solutions will not only eliminate this issue for you, but they will also work to prevent future instances of rising damp and problems related to water damage. Below are a couple of signs of moisture ingress that should compel you to hire waterproofing services.

Chalky substance on your walls

When your walls are in optimum condition, they should always feel dry to the touch. The moment you start to notice suspicious water droplets, irrespective of how tiny they are, you should be concerned about moisture ingress that would necessitate the enlisting of waterproofing services. Once the moisture starts to seep through your walls, it causes the calcium in the concrete to accumulate at the surface. The process that brings the mineral to the surface is referred to as efflorescence. Ultimately, efflorescence on its own does not cause structural damage to the walls. However, the presence of the mineral deposits is indicative of undiagnosed moisture ingress that will wreak havoc on your building supplies. Hence, the moment you notice this chalky substance on your walls, it should compel you to hire waterproofing services.

A musty odour in the air

The thing about weird smells in the home is that the longer you and your loved ones inhale that odour, the less noticeable it becomes. Over time, you may even forget about the stench! Thus, any strange odours that develop in your home should be investigated immediately to ensure that you do not overlook potential underlying problems. When you start to catch whiffs of mustiness in the air, such as the type of odour you would typically be bombarded by when you walk into an old, decrepit home, you should be wary of the threat of moisture ingress. When water starts to seep into your home, it creates a damp habitat that is perfect for mould. And once the mould breeds and spreads its spores, you will begin to smell its presence in your home. You may also find that you and your loved ones are constantly battling with respiratory trouble. To err on the safe side, you should seek waterproofing services as soon as possible.