Install Wall Frames When Building a Single Storey House

Many people don't realise that timber frame houses are more cost-effective and easier to build than brick or concrete houses. In today's post, we're going to explore the process of installing timber wall frames when building a single storey house.

Step one

First, you need to find a blueprint, which should include all the different details about how many studs you'll need and where they should go. An architect should be able to provide you with a blueprint. If you are using a pre-pack design, the blueprint should be included.

Step two

Construct the frame. Choose a solid natural wood for your frames, such as pine or oak. Following the instructions and insert nails at each joint. You should then secure the frames to the flooring with nails or screws. If you don't have access to a power drill, you'll need to do these manually with a hammer. Make sure the nails are long enough so they securely hold each frame in place.

Step three

Next, measure out exactly where the studs will go with a tape measure and chalk line. Plumb the studs by using a long piece of string placed against one end of your frame, marking where it lines up at the other end of your frame with chalk. Repeat this process for every set of timber frames. You can then attach the studs to the frames.

Step four

The next thing is to attach your plywood sheets. To do this, you'll need nails or screws. With the sheet in position, place chalk marks along each stud so you know where to install the screws. Start by screwing one end of the top sheet to the top plate. Then, screw your bottom sheet to the bottom plate. You can then insert screws over each chalk mark to attach the sheet to the studs.

Step five

Finally, a contractor can create space within each completed wall for your electrical lines and plumbing pipes. You can find how to do this in any standard house-building guide or talk to a construction contractor if you are unsure about how to do this yourself. Finally, you should insulate your walls using solid or foam insulation boards. This will help keep your energy bills low as well as improve environmental efficiency.

For further help, assistance or information, you should speak to a local construction contractor today. A member of the team will be happy to help.