4 Advanced Features to Look for When Buying a Residential Skylight

Gone are the days when skylights featured a simple, framed glass pane installed on the roof. Modern technology has improved skylight design and introduced more functional and efficient skylight windows. Therefore, if you are in the market for this product, you should consider modern products before buying. Here are four advanced features that will enhance the efficiency of a new skylight.

Ultra-violet protection

Regular glass may block most UVB rays from the sun, but it lets in UVA rays. If you're trying to protect yourself from all forms of solar radiation, the last thing you need is a skylight window that allows UVA rays into your home. Therefore, you need UV protective glass for your skylight.

UV protective glass should block most of the ultra-violet rays coming through, including UVA. It not only protects your skin from harmful solar rays but also prevents your furniture from fading. Quality UV protective glass also comes with double glazing, which improves the thermal resistance of the skylight and prevents solar heat gain.

Dome design

Traditional flat-shaped skylights don't always do a great job of providing sufficient natural light. The amount of light the window lets in depends on its size. Thus, if you don't have enough space for a big skylight, you may not get the best value from the fixture. Dome skylights eliminate the need for a large fixture.

Dome skylights angle upwards and outward. The dome shape allows the skylight to bend light from the sun and direct more of it into the room. Therefore, you can get more sunlight even with a small fixture. The only downside to dome skylights is that they protrude outward and can be an eyesore. However, they are incredibly functional and efficient.

Moisture sensing capabilities

When buying a vented skylight, it's important to look for one with moisture sensors. A vented skylight must be closed when it starts to rain. If you forget to do so, you may cause water damage to your home. Motion sensors eliminate this concern by automatically detecting the rain. When it starts to rain, the sensors alert the skylight to close. Besides sensing moisture, advanced sensors can also detect sound and temperature changes.

Remote access

Vented skylights are hard to operate without remote access. You have to access the roof to open and close the window. However, remote access allows you to control the fixture from the comfort of your room. Using a remote control device, you can open and close your skylight as desired. Some products also come with programmable features, allowing you to preset the opening and closing times.

These advanced features can improve the performance of your new skylight window. Keep them in mind while shopping for the best skylight for your home. Contact skylight window manufacturers to learn more about your options.