Why A Little Extension Makes A Whole Lot Of Difference

If you are feeling a little bit cramped in your current housing situation, then you probably are thinking of one or two solutions: major renovations or moving house. Both of these are valid and can be a good choice, but there is a third option that is often not considered in these discussions: home extensions. Home extensions do not have to add another floor to your building or ten more rooms, in fact, often they are quite minor and cost far less than a renovation, but the impact they can have could be just as massive. Here are a few reasons why a small home extension could change your view of your house.

Change The Floor Layout

Often the problem with a home isn't that you don't have rooms for everything, it is just that these rooms feel cramped and not very well put together in relation to each other. Home extensions allow you to examine your floor layout with the benefit of lived experience in the house, so you know exactly what needs to be changed and where. Maybe you could push out the kitchen a little further so that the living room behind it has more space for everyone in the house. Maybe you could add an ensuite to your major bedroom so the current, stand-alone bathroom could be converted into a study. The possibilities are endless.

Eliminate Hassle

Home extensions are quite sought after because they are far less work in the short and long term than moving homes. When you move houses, you have to fill out an awful lot of paperwork and you put yourself in a very unstable financial position, where you need to find a new buyer and quickly too. All of that and you don't even know for sure that you won't feel the same way about your new home in a few years. Home extensions let you modify an existing house that you know inside out to fit your requirements just that little bit better. The comfort of knowing this is a fix that could last for decades, rather than the uncertainty of moving house, is a huge bonus.

Accommodate New Additions

A big reason why some people move house is because of the addition of new family members, specifically children! This is an exciting time in anyone's life, but it is important to not be too hasty and move to a bigger home you think would suit your baby more. By adding home extensions, you can choose exactly where the baby's room would be, how close they are to your bedroom as well as the kitchen and how to make sure you have a part of the house that would be immune from crying and screaming so that one might have a break while the other takes care of the child. Finding a home that meets your exact needs can be hard and expensive, while home extensions are a far simpler option during a tumultuous period in your life.