Top Questions Your Land Surveyor Will Probably Ask You

If you need to have a land survey done, then you might have decided that you are going to call a land surveyor soon so that you can schedule an appointment for them to send someone out for the survey. If this is true, then you should expect your land surveyor to ask you a few questions. These are some of the questions that you might want to be prepared to answer either when you call to schedule the appointment or when the land surveyor arrives at your property.

When Was the Last Time a Land Survey Was Done on the Property?

You might be asked whether or not you have had a land survey done on the property in the past. If so, then you will probably be asked for copies of each land survey report. This will give your land surveyor something to work with when they are getting started with your land survey. This might help them get your land survey done more quickly and easily.

What Type of Land Survey Do You Want to Have Done?

Next, you will probably be asked about the type of land survey that you want to have done. You might just want to have a simple boundary survey done so that you know where all of the property lines are on the property, or you might want to have a more complex survey done, such as a topographical survey. If you aren't sure about the type of survey that you need to have done, your land surveyor should be able to provide more information.

Who Do You Need to Submit the Land Survey To?

After your land surveyor gets done walking around your property, they should prepare a land survey report. Of course, you are probably counting on them to give you a copy of the land survey. However, you might also need to submit it to others. For example, you might need to submit it to your lender so that you can finalize your loan, or you might need to send it to your contractor if you are about to have building done on your property. If you let the land surveyor know who you need to submit the land survey to, they should be able to help by submitting the land survey reports to the necessary parties. Even if they do not do this, they should be willing to make multiple official copies of the land survey. Then, you can make sure that you have one record that you can keep for your own records, but you will also have the additional reports that you might need for other things.