Benefits Of Having Your Residential Driveway Spray Sealed

Driveway paving and construction is a process many homeowners consider. You may have a basic soil-based driveway that needs an upgrade. This is vital if you are experiencing erosion issues or your driveway showing signs of breaking down. Not only does this damage your car, but it can also lead to further erosion and breakdown to the entry of your home. One way to combat this is to have the driveway paved and sealed. You may want to look over various driveway spray sealing options, but here are some benefits to consider first. 

Weather Resistance

One of the leading reasons to have your paved driveway sealed is the weather. Your driveway not only experiences the weight of being driven over and used on a daily basis, but also experiences various weather conditions. Rain, snow, ice and hail all affect the life of your driveway. When a spray seal is placed on the surface of the driveway, it can add a layer of protection against these weather conditions. The seal can help rain drain easier off the surface. It can also help reduce the chances of pooling or of erosion breakdown to the pavement. 

Protection From Tires

You likely will use your driveway multiple times a day. This means that you will have the weight of your vehicle and the tires on your driveway. Over time this ongoing use can cause a breakdown of the driveway. This usually shows up with cracks and breaks in the driveway. You may also see a breakdown of the sides of the driveway as well. There are specific spray sealants your contractor can use that will help add a protective coating against this pressure and the breakdown it can cause. 

Sun Damage

One damaging aspect you may not think of when it comes to your driveway is the sun. Sun damage — specifically damage from the UV rays — can cause issues with your driveway. The UV damage can cause an increased amount of heat on the driveway, which leads to crumbling. The rays can also hurt the pavement and cause it to lose integrity and durability over time. With the right spray seal covering the driveway, you can reduce the chances of these UV-related damages. 

When you are ready to have your driveway paved and a spray seal added, contact a contractor. They will assess the area and determine what steps need to be taken. They will also let you know what types of materials should be used and what type of spray seal should be used to protect the life of your driveway.