How to Build out the Right Freezer Room for Your New Restaurant

When you are planning to open a new restaurant, you must pay particular attention to the kitchen. You will want to ensure that it is well laid out with all the best equipment, so your professional chefs can work their magic as efficiently as possible. Yet you also need to pay some close attention to your walk-in freezer. After all, if you don't, you may make life harder for your staff, which could reflect in a bad customer experience. So what factors do you need to consider as you design that freezer?

Create the Sections

A walk-in freezer should achieve two goals in the situation. Firstly, there must be enough "storage" capacity so that you always have the ingredients you need as demand fluctuates. Ensure that you have more than enough extra storage space, especially as you may not have any early experience to fall back on.

Secondly, you should have a well-designed walk-in section. This will have all the most commonly used ingredients and can be easily replenished as each day unfolds.

Freezer Buildout

Unless you are getting a modular freezer, your construction team will build out the unit in stages. They will begin with the wall and ceiling panels and, more often than not, a false floor. These panels need to be carefully combined to form the perfect insulated room, and the doors are typically installed last.

The refrigerated unit is affixed to the ceiling or wall of the cold room. This must be completed by technicians who have experience working with refrigerants. Once they are sure that the unit is airtight and represents a good thermal seal, the shelving and racking can be added.

Careful Planning Required

Before you decide where to place these shells and racks, remember that you will need to plan carefully. You should work with your chefs and other kitchen professionals who will tell you how often they need access to certain foods and how much you should keep in stock to anticipate demand. This will determine how much space each type of food requires and, consequently, the design and configuration of your racking system.

Get Professional Help

If you are in any doubt or there is some confusion among your kitchen staff, don't hesitate to ask for help from your freezer room contractor. They will have experience designing and building units for restaurants of your type and can undoubtedly pass on some of this knowledge.

Reach out to a contractor to learn more about freezer room construction.