Mining Techniques Based on Nature of Mineral Occurrence

Mining is a tedious undertaking. Many often look at the economic value of minerals but forget how much work mining engineers have to put into extracting them. They must plan for the extraction, install all the necessary equipment and execute the trade to perfection. One missed step and it could all come tumbling down, putting both human and technical wellbeings at risk. Essentially, striking a balance means using the right technique as dictated by the mineral's natural occurrence.

Directional Drilling: Tips for Preventing Equipment Failure and Minimising Delays

If you are planning a directional drilling project, consider the importance of keeping the equipment in the best condition. Keep in mind that the failure of the drilling machinery during this type of boring will cause significant delays and increase the total costs. In simple terms, a broken-down drill will mean downtime to ensure proper repairs. Moreover, you should note that directional drilling involves inserting the pipe at a horizontal angle.

Top Questions Your Land Surveyor Will Probably Ask You

If you need to have a land survey done, then you might have decided that you are going to call a land surveyor soon so that you can schedule an appointment for them to send someone out for the survey. If this is true, then you should expect your land surveyor to ask you a few questions. These are some of the questions that you might want to be prepared to answer either when you call to schedule the appointment or when the land surveyor arrives at your property.

A Guide On Land Subdivision

A subdivision enables you to divide your land into smaller parcels. Most people perceive subdivision to be an easy process. However, this is not always the case. If you plan to subdivide your land, the excerpt below discusses the things you should know about land subdivisions.  Always Determine The Use Of The New Parcels It is an essential consideration when subdividing your property. Decide whether the subdivision is for estate planning processes (such as bequeathing your beneficiaries) or for business purposes (such as development or sale).

Why A Little Extension Makes A Whole Lot Of Difference

If you are feeling a little bit cramped in your current housing situation, then you probably are thinking of one or two solutions: major renovations or moving house. Both of these are valid and can be a good choice, but there is a third option that is often not considered in these discussions: home extensions. Home extensions do not have to add another floor to your building or ten more rooms, in fact, often they are quite minor and cost far less than a renovation, but the impact they can have could be just as massive.