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Why A Little Extension Makes A Whole Lot Of Difference

If you are feeling a little bit cramped in your current housing situation, then you probably are thinking of one or two solutions: major renovations or moving house. Both of these are valid and can be a good choice, but there is a third option that is often not considered in these discussions: home extensions. Home extensions do not have to add another floor to your building or ten more rooms, in fact, often they are quite minor and cost far less than a renovation, but the impact they can have could be just as massive.

4 Advanced Features to Look for When Buying a Residential Skylight

Gone are the days when skylights featured a simple, framed glass pane installed on the roof. Modern technology has improved skylight design and introduced more functional and efficient skylight windows. Therefore, if you are in the market for this product, you should consider modern products before buying. Here are four advanced features that will enhance the efficiency of a new skylight. Ultra-violet protection Regular glass may block most UVB rays from the sun, but it lets in UVA rays.

Install Wall Frames When Building a Single Storey House

Many people don't realise that timber frame houses are more cost-effective and easier to build than brick or concrete houses. In today's post, we're going to explore the process of installing timber wall frames when building a single storey house. Step one First, you need to find a blueprint, which should include all the different details about how many studs you'll need and where they should go. An architect should be able to provide you with a blueprint.

Ideas to Draw Inspiration from When Deliberating On the Right Home Extension

Although home extensions are typically associated with a need to accommodate a growing family, this is not the only valid reason to contemplate this project. Stay at home orders, for example, that came about due to the pandemic have brought about the need for dedicated working areas in the home so you are thinking of embarking on a home extension that will function as an office space. On the other hand, you might be fed up with the fact that your living room is too small to accommodate many guests so you want to create an entertainment area on your property.

Signs of Moisture Ingress That Should Compel You to Hire Waterproofing Services

Moisture ingress is one of the stealthiest causes of structural damage in residential properties, and this can be attributed to a couple of causes. For starters, water ingress can occur due to several reasons ranging from poorly installed damp-proofing measures, substandard foundation materials, soil saturation and more. In addition to this, when moisture ingress occurs, it does so gradually. Hence, by the time that you realise that you have an underlying problem, you will likely have to engage in extensive remediation for your property to restore its integrity.